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Laboratory of Tissue Science and Engineering

Over its brief history, tissue engineering has been the process of creating functional 3D tissue comprised of cells within scaffolds or devices that influence cell growth, organization, and differentiation, primarily for the clinical therapy of replacing human tissue. An alternative direction for tissue engineering is the development of in vitro tissue models that will never come into direct contact with patients, but will instead be used to study human tissue physiology and pathophysiology. Eventually, the need for tissue replacement may decrease by enabling the development of therapies that prevent or cure underlying diseases.


Anirudh Shukla

Anirudh Shukla (MS in Chemical Engineering, 2008) has taken a position with Johnson Controls in Milwaukee, WI.

Lindsey Williams and Ashlee Keenum were selected as Wentz project awardees for the 2011-2012 academic year

Lindsey Williams will be a CHE sophomore working on a project titled, “Characterizing the Growth of Endothelial Cells as Part of a Tissue Equivalent Respiratory Model”. Ashlee Keenum will be a CHE sophomore working on a project titled, “A Comparison of Aortic Endothelial Cell Growth in 2D and 3D Matrices”

Katie Haning was selected as one of the Wentz poster presentation winners

Katie Haning (CHE Sophomore) and Maria Vera (CHE Senior) completed their Wentz projects this year and presented posters at the annual recognition program. Katie’s project title was “Investigating How Drug Properties Play a Role in the Release Characteristics from Drug Delivery Systems” and Maria’s was “Preliminary Cell Testing for a 3D Lung Tissue Model”.

Provost Bob Sternberg, with Wentz poster presentation winners, Daniel Ede, Henry Hartman, Katie Haning and Bob Graalman, Director of Scholar Development.